Guide for Changing your Twitter Password

You must be thinking that no one can access your account without your permission. But hackers are getting smarter day by day. Change the password by going to the account settings. If you have forgotten your password then reset your password. Here’s how you can change and recent your Twitter password.


With the help of Twitter Website

  1. Go to upper right-hand side by tapping your profile picture– Now choose Settings, you will get to the settings page of your account.
  2. In the menu, tap the “Password” tab from the page of settings– It will be located under “security and privacy”.
  3. Type the existing password– When you have o change the password then just write the current password. When you don’t know the password, see the section below with name – Resetting a lost password.
  4. Type password that you have to change– Users require to write it double for the confirmation.
  5. For saving the password, tap save changes– Your new password will get applied to the Twitter account.
  6. Sign in to other devices– So now that you have changed your password, users will be confirmed out of different media. Just register a different password for signing in back.

It is entirely possible that the browser you are using might have saved the old Twitter password for making the logic easy. Users need to type the very new Twitter password another time they log out of the site.

With the help of Twitter Mobile App for iPhone

  1. Go to the browser of iPhone and revisit the site of Twitter – Your Twitter Password can’t be changed just from the Twitter app. Get to the Twitter mobile site.
  2. Make a Login along with Twitter account– Maybe the reason behind changing password is your tendency to forget it. Then see Resetting Lost Password section.
  3. Click Me tab– it will be at the head of the surface you will get to profile page of yours.
  4. Click the Gear button under the profile image– You will get to a new menu.
  5. Click button of Settings– You will get to the Settings page by doing this.
  6. Scroll down and click Change Password link– You will get to the reset form of the password.
  7. Type in your existing password–  Simply type a current password before changing it. When you can’t remember your existing password, and then have a look at the Lost Password section.
  8. Type new password– You have to verify the new one. They will ask you to enter it twice.
  9. Click Save and save new password– New password will get into effect immediately. If you were logged into multiple devices, then you will be logged out of them itself.
  10. Take help of new password and log in– Simply go to the Twitter app when you have changed your password.

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How To Download Kindle For Windows PC?

It is not a must to have an Amazon Kindle for reading Kindle books. You can even read your favorite stories on the computer. For instance, its credit goes to the Kindle application for Windows.


Want to know about the Kindle application for PC?

Fortunately, the Kindle app for the computer has every feature that Amazon’s famous ebook reader has. You can put bookmarks, highlight content and also write notes. According to your preference, you can even manage the font. The best part is that the Kindle for the computer can be used with mostly every version of Windows.

The method of making an Amazon Account

It is compulsory to make one Amazon account for buying and reading Kindle books.

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Then, put your mouse cursor on Accounts and Lists. It will be placed towards upwards at the right side of the display. Note that you don’t need to click on that option.
  3. Press on ‘Start Here from the drop-down menu.’ It is immediately under the log in.
  4. After that, fill up the registration form. It may need some of your basic information such as your name, the mail ID and a password of your account.
  5. Then, click on Create Your Amazon Account.
  6. Look, now you’ll be taken to Amazon’s home page.
  7. Click on Accounts and Lists for visiting the account page of yours.
  8. After completing the steps mentioned above, you shall be able to install free Kindle books. Whereas to buy books, you require to set up the method ofpayment.
  9. Choose Payment Options on your account and give all the required information to begin buying on Amazon.

The method of purchasing Kindle books for PC

  1. Click on Kindle Store option that is placed towards the upwards at the right side corner of the application window over the net.
  2. Then, on the Amazon browser, you can search for plenty of topics.

Remember! The Kindle Store comprises of a lot of books that are fully free of charges.

  • Lastly, click on Buy Now with 1-Click to pass on the topic that you wish to get on every device.

The method of downloading Amazon Kindle for pc

  1. Firstly, go to Kindle for computer download page and click on Add to Cart.
  2. Then, press the payment method and click on Proceed to Checkout.
  3. Click on Place Your Order.
  4. Next, click on Your Digital Items.
  5. Press on Download next to Kindle for PC.
  6. Then go to the file after the downloading finishes.
  7. Look that Kindle for computer shall by itself get installed.

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How to Watch Videos and Chat with New Friends on Twitch

If you want to come in contact with your friends, have similar interests as you.     In case you like to communicate with new peoples then Twitch will be very useful for you. Twitch provides streaming services to their users who permit the user to watch live show or videos and have a conversation with other peoples that are viewing the same content videos.


Twitch is best for those who love to play games, and the players can also watch a game which is played by others and can comment on that game. Every user can find something on Twitch according to their interests. On Twitch you can watch games which are played by experts, and you can also interact with new friends who are watching the same content as you.

Here are the two ways to know how to interact and have a conversation with new people:

▪ In case you wish to make new, different things, then broadcast yourself when doing a new activity. This means new people will view your broadcast and discuss with other viewers about the broadcast. You can view that conversation and can message them by using your smartphone. Views can ask questions regarding your new broadcast.

▪ You can comment on broadcast made by other peoples and can have a conversation with viewers who are watching the same content as you.

Twitch offers free service to their users and motivates the other people’s broadcasts by paying an amount on subscription, in case they allow them. After allowing you, go to the buttons given in the video broadcast option that will permit you to pay for the contribution of other people broadcast.

Steps for logging in for a Twitch Account on PC

If the user doesn’t have an account on Twitch, still the user can watch other people broadcast and can comment on them, you have to log in first to do other activities like having conversations with new peoples, liking the broadcasts which are similar to your interest and can broadcast a new video.

Follow the steps to have a conversation on Twitch

▪ Go to the default browser.

▪ Type “Twitch TV” option in the text box.

▪ In case you have an account on Twitch, press “Log In” button to type the username and a protected password.

▪ You have to enter the username, a protected password, date of birth and email ID.

▪ Press the “Sign up” option located at the end of the display.

▪ You can also log in with your Facebook account if you don’t wish to make a new one.

Some tips for using Twitch:

In case you are a new member on Twitch and want to know more about it then go through the below lines to know more.

▪ If you are thinking that which type of video you should watch then go through this URL for getting a full list of titles which are permitted by Twitch. This is the simplest method to search any topic as per your interest, and you can find new peoples who have the similar interest as you.

▪ This is not compulsory that every video which is broadcasted on Twitch is a streaming video. Twitch also broadcasts some retro television network shows such as BraveStarr, Hip Hop Harry, Off Beat Cinema, Wolfman Mac’s Chiller, etc. If you wish to watch such videos, then go to the official website of Twitch.

▪ Once you search a broadcast as per you likes and then select to follow that broadcast by pressing on the “Follow” option given on the left column below the other people video.

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How to Personalize a New Tab Page in Chrome?

Just create and modify the fresh tab for better working. The new page in Chrome will be having lesser background with a more blank canvas. You can’t spruce up the pages but you can deal with its functions. There are many people for whom default new tab page in the Chrome works perfectly alright. But some alternative solutions can help the users in choosing some of the alternative solutions.


How to Change New Tab Page with Chrome’s Built-in Tools

Chrome will provide the user basic personalization that will be out of the box. A menu is needed for setting up the background. It will be there whenever you open a tab. The browser will get you covered in wallpapers. For setting it, Go to a blank new check. Tap the cogwheel symbol in the very new tab. Users can either select a background that is there with Chrome or can choose a system’s solid drive.

How to Apply a Chrome Background?

  1. Go to a fresh tab and choose the”gear” symbol.
  2. Choose Chrome backgrounds.
  3. Select an image section.
  4. Go to the category and select an image.
  5. Choose Done.
  6. Wait for some time, and the background will load.
  7. Chrome will get behind the shortcuts.
  8. Users are finished by now.

How to use your own image?

  1. Go to the new tab.
  2. Choose that new tab and choose the gear icon.
  3. Choose Upload an image.
  4. Search and choose that image file which you have to upload.
  5. Now choose Open.

How to Change New Tab Page with Chrome Extension?

Chrome can change the background for the new tabs. Extensions will change how are new tabs have been working entirely. Go to the Chrome Web Store and find extensions of the new tab. Everything from removing websites to adding productivity can be done.

  1. Go to the browser and get to Chrome Web Store.
  2. In the search bar, write new tab.
  3. Tap Enter.
  4. Go to the left side and choose Extensions.
  5. Choose the new tab extension that you have to add to Chrome.
  6. Now till the users are having expansion connected, a new tab of the extension will get loaded at the place of native ones.
  7. You are done now.

How to Uninstall a current tab extension?

  1. In the right of the address bar, click the right icon of extension.
  2. Choose Remove from Chrome.
  3. Choose Remove.

Your new tab page will get reverted to blank one allowing you to install the new extension with Chrome’s menu so that you can customize it.

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How to Use Pandora on your Phone

So you also want to use one of the world’s most influential music discovery platform? Pandora offers a personalized experience to its music listener whether you’re using on mobile, car, or any other device of your home.


Here are the guidelines to sign up, create stations, and listen to music on Pandora from your phone:

Stepwise guidelines to Use Pandora on your phone:

Step 1: Install Pandora app on your phone

Pandora app is available on Google Play Store of Android, App Store of iPhone, Windows Phone Store as well as on Amazon Appstore. And the app is free to download. To install it on your phone, go to your device store and download it from there.

Step 2: Sign in or make an account on Pandora

When installation of Pandora app is complete, launch the app. If you already have a Pandora account then proceed to log in section and enter your Pandora account’s email and password and then log in.

If you do not have an account, then click on ‘Register for free’ to sign up for an account and fill the information to complete the sign-up process.

Step 3: Create a new station

•    Tap on ‘+ Create Station’ at the top of the screen.

•    Enter a song, artist or genre name you like into the field to create a station similar to your search. You can create a more new station and edit your current station when you want.

Step 4: Play your first station

Play your first station. Pandora will analyze your choice and create a playlist of your taste.

Step 5: Like the music to listen to a similar type of music.

Touch on the ‘Like’ (Thumbs-up) icon button of the music you like to tell Pandora about your choice. As you like a song, Pandora will edit your Playlists and add similar music to it.

Step 6: Dislike the music to remove it from your Pandora playlist.

If you don’t like a song, then tap the ‘Dislike’ (Thumbs-down) icon button of the music to skip the song. And this will not only skip the song but also tell Pandora to remove similar tracks from your playlist and play less music similar to it in future.

Step 7: Tap the ‘Like’ (Thumbs-up) icon button at the top-right corner of the screen to edit stations.

Tapping on ‘Like’ icons will open the station’s page. On the station’s page you’ll see recent music, songs you’ve liked or unlike, add variety options, and edit the playlist’s descriptions.

•    Open ‘Session History’ and select a song to give a rating or edit the previous rating.

•    Tap on ‘+ Add Variety’ button to add new music, songs, genre to the playlist.

•    Tap on ‘Station Settings’ to edit the name or add a description of a playlist.

•    Tap on the ‘box’ at the top-right corner to save the changes you had made and return to your station.

Step 8: Tap on the ‘Back Arrow’ button on the upper-left corner of the Station screen.

Tapping on the back arrow button will take you back to the main menu. From here you can add a new station or change your stations. If you want to edit or remove a station, slide the station you want to make changes toward the right side. That’s all! Create a playlist of your choice and enjoy your loved music on your phone — one thing you’ve to remember that there is a limit for skipping the songs. You can only skip six tracks from a station into an hour. In a single day, you are able to skip up to 24 songs only. Skipping will count on the basis of keys (Next, Thumbs down, or I’m tired of this song) you use to pass over the music.

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Source : Pandora

Pokemon Go: Get prepared for Shiny Meltan and Melmetal Pokemon

Pokémon GO trainers are currently celebrating the Lunar New Year event in the game and Niantic has doubled down to provide players with a celebratory feel.



In addition to the increased spawn rate and double XP, gamers also have a tremendous opportunity to receive a shiny Meltan or Melmetal by opening up the Mystery Box.

Those players who don’t have many shiny Pokemon have a mega opportunity of receiving a new shiny pocket monster with not much effort.

All players require to do is link their Nintendo Switch Pokémon Let’s GO Pikachu or Pokémon Let’s GO Eevee with the Pokémon GO, and after that, every time you open a Mystery Box chances are you may get a shiny Meltan or Melmetal in it.

Meltan is considerably not a top-notch metal type Pokémon. Still, it has tremendous potential as it evolves into Melmetal which has a variety of psychic attacks with a robust metal shield all across its body.

Although shiny skin does not add up to any extra health or attack, still it provides the new and different appearance to Pokémon providing players with variety and different in-game interactions.

And as many players lack shiny Pokémon in their Pokedex, and desire to include some shiny pocket monsters for themselves. So having some new shiny Pokémon can help you in trading, and proves to be a golden opportunity to receive missing Pokemon from other trainers.

Keep in mind that this Mystery Box will only have the shiny Meltan and Melmental until the March and requires three days to unlock, so keep an eye on the Mystery Box and keep opening it for as many times as you can.

The ongoing Lunar New Year event is Niantic’s way of celebrating the Chinese New Year of Pig, and indeed they have included the shiny Spoink to the game. Spoink is a pig type Pokémon and balances a ball on his head with the lower body entirely made of a spring.

This cute monster is an excellent addition to the game as before this no such Pokemon archetype was added to the game. The Lunar New Year has also brought new generation 4 evolutions which community members and fans were eager to explore in the game. The gen 4 Pokémon are slowly taking over the Pokémon GO with every new event and Raid battles, which is providing players with new in-game interactions and fun experience.

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How to Use Lyft to Get a Ride

If you download Lyft from the App store, you can enjoy low fare rides. Book a ride by pressing the book button, and the driver shall pick you up from your current location and drop you to the destination you want.


Sign Up for Lyft

  • Install the Lyft application on Android or iOS device.

You can download this application from the Google Play Store in Android and App store in the iOS device. Windows phones also support Lyft.

  • You can go to its official site to log in there. In case you have an account on Lyft, then you can directly enter your number and password. But if you don’t have any account on Lyft, then you have to create an account by entering the required details.
  • In case you want to check in which city Lyft is available, then you have to open its city page. You can press on the city name to see more information about their route or drivers.
  • Click the “Login” Option.

This will open a page of creating an account.

  • Connect with your Facebook or make an account with the email ID.

In case you have a Facebook account, you can press the “Facebook Connect” option to link that account with the Facebook account. In case you have the application of Facebook already in your phone, then it automatically signs up in Lyft. In case you don’t have an app, then the Facebook site page gets open on your screen.

  • In case you don’t want to connect that account with your Facebook, then write all the necessary details in the given section.
  • Type the mobile number.

In case you are using Lyft application to create an account, then the mobile number will be shown up to your screen. In case you don’t want to use the same mobile number then you can change it later. The mobile numbers will your active number where you will receive a verification code of your Lyft account. In case you are using the official site, you have to type the mobile number.

  • Ensure the mobile number is your daily use number because a verification code will send to that number.
  • You have to agree on the terms and conditions of the Lyft policy.
  • Type the verification code.

You will get an option to write the 4 digit verification number on the given column which you received on the mobile number. In case the number is same that you had entered in Lyft accounts then it automatically type that verification code. After entering the code, you can use the Lyft account.

Saving a Payment Method

  • Go to the Lyft application.

In case the application is not open your phone, then first you have to open the Lyft application. In case you login in the official website, you have to install the application by opening the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • If you have an old account on Lyft, then you can use the promo code which is given on the suggestions list. This will help you to enjoy low fare rides.
  • Click the Menu option.

It resembled the three lines and located on the left side of the screen.

  • Choose “Payment” option.

You will get many options on your screen which include Credit or

Debit card, gift card, and cash.

  • Click on the payment method to save it. You will get different options of payment depends on the gadget. Press on the one payment method to save it. You can save many payment methods to the one account.

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Source :  Ride