Sony CFO Names Cloud Gaming and Free To Play As Major Threats to PlayStation

PlayStation has recently come up with their fourth-quarter financial report which showcases the dominance of PlayStation over the gaming console market.


Sony successfully sold over 8 million consoles in the fourth quarter and about 18 million in 2018. Further Hiroki Totoki, CFO of Sony stated that in the coming future, PlayStation’s major rivals could turn out to be the Cloud Gaming and free to play games.

Totoki did not state any specific reasons in terms of why free to play games can pose threats to PlayStation. Still, he referred the open platform market of free to play games as being one of the most significant risks for PlayStation.

It can be considered that he might be pointing at the success of Fortnite and PUBG as the popularity of these games is spreading like wildfire amongst the gamers. Sony even had to introduce the cross-play feature for Fortnite fans to their gaming consoles which they have been criticized for in the past.

As Fortnite is quite popular amongst the players and is setting new trends with every season, Sony didn’t have much chose and instead went with the on-going trend by accepting to include the cross-play feature to their consoles.

According to the Totoki, cloud gaming is one of the prominent threats and can pose some major challenges in about five years.

As technology is always on the rise with innovation, players have discovered new means to store, manage and process gaming data on open networks which has reduced the need for console hardware.

Totoki expresses his upcoming challenge of sustaining PlayStation for coming years and states cloud gaming and free to play games will pose some serious challenges in coming four to five years.

Although coming five years supposedly provide Sony with enough time to come up with new means of their own to counter the cloud gaming and free to play gaming market.

It was also assured by Hiroki Totoki, that Sony would stay to its roots and work hard in the direction of providing gaming community with essential first-party software and dynamic in-game environment.

Totoki was confident enough to claim that PlayStation is not going to face any such threats from cloud gaming and free to play open market, not until for coming five years.

With Microsoft in progress with its Project xCloud and Google working on its PC based Project Stream, it is for sure we will see an uprise of more new and innovative cloud streaming services.

The critical question lies with Sony is how soon will they come up with their new and innovative cloud streaming mechanics. Because the core demographic of the gaming community would switch forum hardware based gameplay to the cloud gaming means sooner or later.

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